Life Jackets are Number 1 Priority

Every boat owner knows that, but we are not really sure that everyone follows this rule. There is one thing that every vessel needs to have on board- a life jacket

Basically, this is an inflatable jacket or sleeveless buoyant used for keeping a person afloat in water. However, this is not a detailed explanation, and it is not one hundred percent true. First, you need to remember that there is a difference between Lifejackets and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs). In many cases, they do look similar and therefore, are often used interchangeably. Still, they have many different characteristics, and for more thorough information, just check or buying guide.

The first main difference is the fact that the lifejacket is designed to turn an unconscious person face up in the water, and that way allowing them to breathe. PFDs purpose, on the other hand, is to keep a conscious person afloat in calm water conditions. Lifejackets also have more buoyancy (mostly in the front of the device) than PFDs. For this reason, PFDs are less bulky and allow for more significant movement than a lifejacket.

infant swim vestDespite that, lifejackets are the best choice for your safety, especially when we talk about children who cannot swim. The great thing about lifejackets is that they are available in all sizes, from adult to infant life jackets. They must be yellow, orange, or red, and must have a whistle attached to them. All of these features make it easier to be located in a rescue situation happens.

When kids are included, we need to do everything to make sure they are entirely safe. Swim vests are another great idea that our team would recommend to every parent. Having a toddler swim vest will help your child learn how to swim and be completely comfortable in the water. Be careful though, as swim vests are not Coast Guard approved and they are not guaranteed to keep a child’s head above water.

Swim vests also come in several sizes and usually are constructed of a neoprene material that helps with both warmth and buoyancy. Typically, the vest zips up the front and has a strap that goes between the legs and then buckles to the vest to keep it securely. These units are perfect for kids that are learning how to swim with close adult supervision.

Before you let your children set foot in a pool or lake, It’s important to teach them the importance of water safety. This essential knowledge, combined with the right flotation device, might save their life. Bear in mind, though, that a lifejacket is the best possible chance for survival should your child end up in the water unexpectedly.

It is also essential to mention that we do not talk only about boats here. Having a life jacket for kayaking and fishing is vital too and we at TheMarineMag know it. You may be the most excellent fisherman, with years of experience, but there is always a chance of accidents, so you must be prepared. Luckily for you, our buying guide on how to find the most reliable life jacket for kayaking and fishing is extremely detailed and will give you all the information you need.

toddler swim vest

Pets Deserve Attention as Well

We already came to the conclusion that safety for you, your friends, and your family should be the number one priority when going out with your boat or another vessel. However, when we speak about family, we must not forget to include our pets, more specifically our dogs.

dog life jacket

Dogs deserve attention as well, and what better way to show this than buying your dog a dog life jacket. Yes, you heard it right, such a thing exists, and we have a great buying guide with all the helpful info you need.

You might ask yourself, “Why would my dog need a lifejacket since it can swim?”. Well, yes, many breeds are born to swim, and there is a reason why there is a swimming style called the doggie paddle. However, not all dogs love the water, and some breeds are more prone to sinking rather than floating. There are indeed many dogs that love to swim; still, it is essential to have a life jacket ready, even for them. Just imagine what could happen even to the most excellent swimmer, in rough waters and bad weather.

Do not Forget to Have Fun

With so many essential marine products whose purpose is to help the performance of your boat and ensure you are safe out there in the waters, we sometimes spend too much time focusing on choosing the right units. Of course, this is something we must do, but sometimes we must also think about what can we buy if we just want to have fun.

towable tubes

Well, we have the answer right here- towable tubes. These units will ensure that you have the time of your life, and the only thing a man could hear on your boat is laughter. Soaring through the waters at high speed while clinging to an inflatable tube that is connected by a mere rope to your boat has become a top water-sport for the summertime. Tubing is something that you just cannot hate. From young kids to adults, everyone loves it. And, if you have a hard time deciding on a particular unit, just visit our buying guide, and read our reviews and tips.

Life Jackets / Water Sports

Practicing water sports is something that is very fun to do. As long as you get the right gear, a sunny day on the beach can be turned into something even more exciting. Aside from protective life jackets, you also need to make sure that you bring all the right “toys” to the beach.

Choosing Simple Inflatable Gear

A day at a beach is never complete without some pieces of equipment that could help kick your day up a notch. Stand up paddleboarding, for instance, is a sport that pretty much anyone can take up – even if you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to water sports. For instance, an inflatable stand up paddle board may easily be used on the beach, without taking too much out of your baggage space.

On the same idea, you might also want to go for an inflatable fishing boat if you want to catch some fish. Unlike a regular boar, this one is much easier to transport, making it a good choice if you are going to the beach from a greater distance.

The Helper Tools

Bear in mind that aside from the boats or the boards themselves, you might also want to invest in an air pump for inflatables. Go for something of a good quality that will allow you to inflate your gear fast.