Finding The Right Motors & Batteries for Your Boat

When it comes to marine supplies, every boat owner knows that there are many things you can buy to ensure your boat works perfectly. Some of these things are essential, some are a free choice, whose only purpose is to make your marine life easier.

One of the essential units is undoubtedly the boat motor. When it comes to boat motors, it is of no secret that they will not only ensure your boat works to its maximum potential, but they will also change the way you fish, help you to get from point A to point B faster, and many other things. Even though there are many things to keep in mind before deciding on a particular unit, we at TheMarineMag are positive that our buying guided connected to boat motors will help you.

We believe that the user-to-user connection is vital, that’s why our guides are always subjective. We don’t focus only on the advantages a particular unit has, as it is crucial to know both sides of the coin.

Boat Motors Ensure That Your Boat Works to its Maximum Potential

best small outboard motorSmall outboard motors consist of a self-contained unit that includes a gearbox, engine, and jet drive or propeller. It is affixed to the outside of the transom, and when you read our buying guide on small outboard motors, you will see all its advantages disadvantages, when and why you should use such an engine, and much more. While the power of these motors is given in horsepower, you may see motors whose power is given in thrust (lbs.) These are called trolling motors, and we also have a thorough article devoted to them.

Basically, a trolling motor is a gear driven motor that is powered by electricity. We mount it to our boat by using floor brackets or mounting claps that can stabilize the body of the unit. These particular brackets are also the reason why we can easily stow the product out of the water when we do not use it. You are probably wondering, “how should I know what type of motor I need?” and if that is true, you are in the right place. Our website and our buying guides will “guide” you through your journey of choosing the most reliable product.

best trolling motor

You Cannot Have a Motor Without Getting a Battery

After you decide on a motor for your boat, you will have to choose the right motor battery.

As we talked about trolling motors, we also have to mention the battery you need for them to work correctly- trolling motor battery. This unit gradually discharges electricity over a long period. However, as trolling motors require a consistent, steady source of electrical power, you will have to use either deep cycle marine battery or dual-purpose marine battery.  In our article on how to find the most suitable trolling motor battery, you can find all the information and tips that are needed.

trolling-batteryDeep cycle marine battery is a battery that is regularly deeply discharged while using most of its capacity. Usually, the term is used for lead-acid batteries. However, when you complete our buying guide on how to find the most reliable unit, you will understand that there are so many different types, and you need to keep in mind various factors when choosing one.

It is needed to make sure that you know the difference between ‘cranking’ batteries, deep cycle marine batteries, and dual purpose ones. If this is not very clear to you, do not worry, we have it all covered in our articles, just make sure you read them carefully.

In a few words, ‘cranking’ or starter batteries deliver only a small part of their capacity in a quick, high-current burst to crank the engine. Deep cycle marine batteries discharge a large amount of their capacity over a continuous period. Typically, they last longer than dual purpose ones, when used with a trolling motor. On the other hand, dual-purpose batteries are designed to provide a consistent source of electrical power and crank the engine.

Having a Battery Charger is Good for Your Nerves and Having a Boat Tray is Good for Your Back.

best marine battery chargerThere isn’t anything more irritating than being in the water, having the time of your life, and then suddenly having your battery dead. If this scenario happens, it is essential that you have a battery charger with yourself.

Selecting a boat battery charger may seem like a complicated process, and we do not say that it isn’t, but with our article devoted to this specific unit and with our reviews, we are sure you won’t have a problem.

First and foremost, you need to classify the type of battery you need- wet cell, gel cell, or absorbed glass mat (AGM). Then you will have to determine the number of banks required, the size of the product, and the power source you will use. This is not that much, but it can be wearisome as you have to think about different factors and look at different units with various characteristics. And what do you do when you get tired? You sit down in your favorite armchair. So, let’s speak a bit more about comfort- after all, this is what we all seek.

Just like in your home, you can have a comfortable place to relax on your boat. We are talking about recessed trolling motor trays. When we fish, we tend to place our legs on the deck of the sailboat, however, when we want to cast the reel, we realize how hard it is to use the power of our legs for fighting the fish. This is one of the things trolling motor trays help you with. In general, these units are used for placing the legs in 90 to 120-degrees sitting positions. They will not only help you be more stable, but they will also reduce your back and leg pain.

You can install the recessed trolling motor trays on the desk surface, or even on your kayak if it does not have an area for your feet. Such trolling motor trays will give you the facility to extend your legs in a position that will provide you with comfort like the one you feel when sitting on your favorite armchair.

marine battery charger diagram

Marine Batteries & Motors

When you go out with your boat, there are things that you never want to fail on you: the battery and the motor. When you are on open waters, everything needs to be in a perfectly working condition so that you do not get stranded without a way of going back on land. In most cases, as long as you have a good motor, the rest is left up to its maintenance.

Going for the Correct Motor Oil

That being said, depending on the engine that you have installed on your boat, you might want to go for a 2 stroke outboard oil or a 4 stroke outboard motor oil. Bear in mind that in order to protect the health of your motor, you need to buy the motor oil that is specifically designed for it.