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7 Best Bodyboards – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2021)

Did you know that bodyboards have been around since the 70s? Since then, the sport has become very popular in countries like Australia, Japan, and Peru. Whether you are new to bodyboarding or looking for an upgrade for your board, you have arrived in the right place.

Here you will see some bodyboards reviews and helpful information summed up in a buying guide. Read on, and you will see answers to commonly asked questions, features to look for in a bodyboard, and more. By the end of this post, you will definitely know which the best bodyboards are for you.

Best Bodyboards Comparison Chart


Goplus Super Body Board

  • Price: $$
  • Material: XPE, EPS, HEPE
  • Max Weight: 145 lbs
  • Size: 41”
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Own the Wave Super Lightweight Body Board

Own the Wave Super Lightweight Body Board

  • Price: $ – $$$
  • Material: Hard plastic on the bottom
  • Max Weight: 65 lbs to 188 lbs
  • Size: 33 , 37 , 41”
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BPS ‘Green Machine’ Body Board

BPS ‘Green Machine’ Body Board

  • Price: $ – $$$
  • Material: EPS , HDPE
  • Max Weight: 65 lbs to 188 lbs
  • Size: 33 , 37 , 41”
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Goplus Body Board

Goplus Body Board

  • Price: $ – $$
  • Material: XPE, EPS, HEPE
  • Max Weight: 89 lbs to 189 lbs
  • Size: 33 , 37 , 41”
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GYN Trade Bodyboard

GYN Trade Bodyboard

  • Price: $
  • Material: Foam and polyurethane
  • Max Weight: 150 lbs to 220 lbs
  • Size: 33 , 37 , 41 , 42, 45 ”
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Wavestorm Bodyboard 2 Pack

Wavestorm Bodyboard 2 Pack

  • Price: $$
  • Material: EPS , HDPE
  • Max Weight: 180 lbs
  • Size: N/A
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THURSO SURF Bodyboard Package

THURSO SURF Bodyboard Package

  • Price: $$$$
  • Material: High density polyethylene slick bottom
  • Max Weight: 160 to 180 lbs
  • Size: 42″
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Best Bodyboard Reviews – (Newest Models)

Take a look at our reviews on some of the top-selling bodyboards. We haven’t used a particular order to arrange the reviews. We leave it up to you to decide which the best one for you

1. Goplus Super Body Board

GoplusThis Goplus bodyboard has proved to be very durable and lightweight thanks to its core, which is made of expanded polystyrene. In addition to this, its deck is made of IXPE, which makes it very strong, as well as comfortable. The board has a polyethylene bottom. Hence, it is very flexible and contributes to a higher speed.

You can use this product on all kinds of waves as it is equipped with rare channels, a crescent tail, and rails. All of these features make the board maneuverable and easy to control. Another benefit of this item is its special leash that you can attach to your wrist or ankle for better safety and stability. If, by any chance, you are not satisfied with the product, Goplus will give you all your money back. Keep in mind that the maximum weight that this board can hold is 145 lbs.


  • You will find that this board is easy to carry and use.
  • The item features a crescent tail, rails, and rare channels.
  • Thanks to the materials it is made of, the board is durable, stable, and maneuverable.
  • Golpus offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The leash appears not to be very strong, and you may need to get a new one.

2. Own the Wave Super Lightweight Body Board

Own the Wave Super Lightweight Body BoardOwn the Wave offers an exclusive pack, which includes a bodyboard, two fin savers, and a leash. One of the definite advantages of this product is that it comes with a PREMIUM coiled leash, which is very strong and will ensure that your feet are safely attached to the board.

This item is very strong, durable and maneuverable thanks to its HDPE slick bottom and its EPS core. You can choose from nine color combinations. When you purchase this product, you will receive instructions from the manufacturer, which will teach you how to use the leash and the fin savers.

Own the Wave provide 100% guarantee for their products – which means that if you don’t get what you have ordered within a period of 12 months, they will either replace the item or give you your money back. The manufacturers recommend you to leave the board white side up when it is under the sun. Doing so will prevent air pressure from building up on the board.


  • Thanks to its bottom, which is made of high-density polyethylene, this board is very sturdy and durable.
  • Own the Wave will send you instructions, which will show you how to use the fin savers and the leash.
  • You can choose from 9 color combinations.
  • The manufacturers offer a 100 % guarantee for their products.


  • The only disadvantage seems to be that the board doesn’t come with a bag. Hence, you may damage the item while carrying it from one place to another.

3. BPS ‘Green Machine’ Body Board

BPS ‘Green Machine’ Body BoardIf you want to try your board in a variety of wave conditions, this may be the right product for you. This BPS item provides all the necessary balance, maneuverability, and high speed that one may need. Moreover, its EPS core and its special HDPE bottom surface contribute to its durability and overall performance.

You can choose from 12 different color combinations. Don’t be afraid that you may lose your board in any of the huge waves, as this product comes with a leash that you can attach to your feet. You will most probably find the cuff of the leash very comfortable as it is made of neoprene.

When you order this item, you will also receive detailed instructions teaching you how to use the leash and also how to take care of your board. In case any defect appears on the board within a period of 12 months after purchase, you can use its guarantee.


  • You can use this board in all wave conditions.
  • Thanks to its EPS core and its HDPE bottom, the item is very durable and easy to control.
  • Another advantage of this product is that it comes with a nice padded leash.
  • The manufacturer sends you instructions to show you how to use the leash and how to store your board.


  • The print on the board appears to run. So watch out for stains on your arms or back.

4. Goplus Body Board

Goplus Body BoardThis Goplus bodyboard is one of the top products on the market because of three main reasons. First of all, it is waterproof and resistant to all types of weather due to its EPS core. Then, it is the fact that the board is very light and it can be easily carried everywhere you go. Yet another thing is the special leash whose wristband can be attached to your ankle or wrist so that you won’t lose the board in the waves.

You can adjust the wristband for your comfort. Moreover, you can use this item in different types of waves as it is equipped with a crescent tail, rails, and rear channels. In addition to this, the item provides great speed and can be easily controlled. You may think that it is a disadvantage that they offer the board only in four colors. However, different designs compensate for the lack of color variety.


  • This board has proved to be very sturdy and durable.
  • You can use this board in all types of waves and weather.
  • There won’t be any challenge for you to carry this item with you as it is very light.
  • The board is easy to control.


  • The print may start coming off after a short time of being used.

5. GYN Trade Bodyboard

GYN Trade BodyboardThe first thing that captures one’s attention when looking at the review of this GYN Trade board is the attractive color and print patterns in which it is offered. You can choose from 12 different designs. A definite advantage of this product is that it is not glued, but it is heat-sealed. So the layers of the item are very tightly attached. This makes the board sturdier and prevents the appearance of bubbles.

You can carry this board everywhere with you because it is very lightweight. In addition to this, the board can be used in very big waves as it is equipped with a hard, slick bottom, a strong construction, and a crescent tail. There is a leash that comes with this product. Keep in mind that the leash is situated at the bottom of the board, so be careful not to lose it when you unwrap the product upon its arrival.


  • The board is offered in 12 different print designs.
  • A benefit of this product is that it is heat-sealed, which makes it very strong.
  • You can use this board in big waves because of its sturdy construction.
  • This item is suitable both for beginners and for more experienced boarders.


  • It is hard to see the leash when you unwrap the product, and you may accidentally throw it away.

6. Wavestorm Bodyboard 2 Pack

Wavestorm Bodyboard 2 PackWavestorm offers a pack of two bodyboards made of soft foam. They have EPS cores, which makes them sturdy and durable. Another reason why these boards are so strong is the fact that they have HDPE high impact bottoms. Also, these bottoms have slick skin covering so that they can provide significant speed.

A benefit of these boards is that they come with leashes that are previously installed. This is a considerable advantage because similar products also offer a leash, but it is not attached in advance. So what often happens with these straps is that people throw them away while unwrapping the product.

These Wavestorm items are suitable both for first-time and for experienced boarders. A slight drawback of these boards is that they do not have stringers. However, this is not a huge issue as they are nonetheless sturdy. There are three color options you can choose from.


  • The boards are offered in 3 color variations appropriate both for girls and boys.
  • Thanks to their slick bottoms, the boards provide high speed.
  • Both beginners and advanced boarders can use these items.
  • Due to their ES cores, the boards are stable and durable.


  • These boards do not have stringers. However, they are still sturdy.

7. THURSO SURF Bodyboard Package

THURSO SURF Bodyboard PackageThe THURSO Surf bodyboard package includes the board and a stainless steel leash that comes in a luxurious bag. This bag is very convenient for carrying the board. The manufacturers of this item made sure that it is very durable and sturdy. At the same time, it is very light.

The board is 40 inches long. Its widest part is 21, 5 inches, and its tail is 17 inches wide. Unlike other similar products, this one is equipped with two stripers, which make it even more durable and more stable. Moreover, this board has a 4mm high-density durable IXPE deck, which makes the item very comfortably cushioned.

Also, the deck is heat laminated, which ensures that the board layers won’t separate.  You can be sure that this product provides high speed as its bottom is made of high-density polyethylene, and it is covered in slick skin. An advantage of the package is that it comes at a reasonable price.


  • The bag that comes with the board is very convenient – you can put all the gear that you need like fins and fin socks in its pocket.
  • Two stripers make this item very stable and sturdy.
  • You can be sure that the different layers of the board won’t get separated thanks to the fact that the deck and the bottom are heat laminated.
  • Getting the whole package is a very budget-friendly option.


  • There are only two color options – an azure one and a tangerine one.

What are Bodyboards and Bodyboarding?

Best Bodyboards

Bodyboards, also called boogie boards, are similar to surfboards but shorter and usually wider than them. The standard dimensions of these are from 39 to 43 inches in length. Also, the shape and the curve matter the most for these types of products. That’s because these affect their performance in the water.

Most often, these types of boards are made from one of three commonly used materials, which you will read more about in our post.

Bodyboarding is the sport for which you use a bodyboard. This sport is believed to be older than surfing. There are three ways you can ride a bodyboard, which we talk about further down our post.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bodyboard?

  • Bodyboard ReviewsConstruction. The core material is essential when choosing your board. There are three common types used in their making – polyethylene, polypropylene, and extruded polystyrene. All of these are a type of foam. The material determines whether your board will last you a long time. Plus, it reflects the weight of the unit and how easy it is for you to maneuver.
  • Size. This is crucial to get the right size bodyboard if you want to learn quickly and effortlessly. It isn’t very challenging to determine which size will fit your body type. You should measure the distance between your belly button to your knees and to your chin, which should be about the same. Also, your height and weight are taken into account when choosing a bodyboard. You can use a bodyboard size chart when picking up your first one because it should be directly proportional to your own body built.
  • Skill level. Beginners and advanced riders have particular needs. Someone who already has skills would require a board with more features and a different size than someone who is just starting in this sport. So bear in mind what level you are at before you commit to a certain product or brand.
  • Wave size. The proportions here are as follows: if you want to ride small waves, get a bigger board. But if you’re going to enjoy large waves, buy a smaller one. This way, you can have more control over the small one and make maneuvers effortlessly.
  • Tail and stringer. A board’s design is also something you should take into account. Its tail plays a role in how the plank works in water. The stinger is essential for the durability and strength of the board. How stiff or flexible the unit is must be considered when purchasing a board.
  • Additional features. What we mean by this is the fact that some products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is always nice to have. Other extras can be leash plugs or cords, so you never lose your board. That is important for both newbies and intermediate surfers. Also, any other bonus feature offered by the seller or the manufacturer is a plus. Whether that extra is about aesthetics or more protection. Check out our water gear page for information on various protective gear and equipment for water sports.
  • Your budget. Advanced level riders know that investing in a quality board is a must if you are serious about this sport. So, if you’re a beginner and don’t know whether this sport is for you, keep your budget in mind. You will see that there’s a wide range of prices for this type of product. Ask yourself how serious are you when you begin a new sport? Do you want to spend more money on a quality board?

Types of Bodyboards

You can find a range of product designs and types. What is worth mentioning is that the variety of designs isn‘t just for aesthetics, but they also contribute to your bodyboarding experience. So, here are the common kinds:

  • Rails are the lower edges of the boards. You can find them in two distinct configurations, 50-50 or 60-40. The former is recommended for people with more experience in bodyboarding, while the latter is suitable for newbies because it gives you, the rider, more control.
  • Tails are more suited for beginners. These boards have a crescent tail design, which makes their ends wider. Respectively, that makes it easier to turn but also enhances their stability.

You’ll also see another type of these boards, the so-called bat tail design. Those are for the more experienced riders because they are faster. Keep in mind that bat tails aren’t recommended for all surfing styles. For example, to practice the drop-knee technique, you’ll need a particular type of bodyboard.

  • Thickness is vital for the durability of the board but also for the experience you want to have. The thicker ones are ideal for small waves, but they are also much faster than thin ones.
  • Width point is what allows you to surf with a given board using different styles. Usually, the widest point is towards the middle of the unit. Such boards can safely be used in various conditions and for most surfing methods – prone and drop-knee even. If the width point is at the front, such a unit will be easily directed and is suitable for larger waves.

Types of Board Cores

  • Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) is the cheapest material for the three. Boards made from extruded polystyrene are most suitable for casual surfers or beginners. Such a core makes the unit stiff, and it also lacks foam memory and recoil. Also, this material makes the unit lightweight. That is ideal for newbies who are learning to control and maneuver a board in the water.
  • Polypropylene (PP) is considered the best material for bodyboards. That too is lightweight, but as an addition, it is also dense and has a good recoil and foam memory. Some products may be reinforced, but overall they don’t need to be. Boards made from Polypropylene are fast and strong. They also have leading performance and are more expensive than others. If you’re looking to upgrade your older unit, you should definitely consider this core.
  • Polyethylene (PE) is the last but not least, core material. It provides good foam memory and a medium level performance. You will find Polyethylene boards to be suitable for bigger waves and advanced level surfer. Such boards are heavier than those made from Polypropylene and Extruded Polystyrene, but their performance and price make them very attractive to all levels of surfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wax My Bodyboard?

Waxing a bodyboard is not necessary. However, if you wish to, you can do it. There are special waxes for these types of products, but you may also use surf wax. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wax the bottom. If you decide to buy the wax, read the directions before you get to work.

What is the Difference between a Bodyboard and a Boogie-board?

There is no difference, they are the same thing. Boogie boards are a brand name that is widely recognized and used by many people. So, the two terms are being used interchangeably, but one is a brand name.

Can I Use a Bodyboard for Surfing?

If you mean stand up surfing, like on a surfboard, you can try, but it is difficult. Also, beginners shouldn’t try it. Bodyboards are not designed to be used standing up, so it would be difficult to control it. The drop-knee style is similar to this type of surfing, but it is mastered by only a few people.

What is Drop-knee Style?

This is one of the ways you can ride your bodyboard. However, it is not that easy to achieve, and few surfers can ride in a drop-knee style. You shouldn’t try this if you are a beginner. How to ride drop-knee is by placing one of your knees on the back corner of the board while your other foot is on the opposite but front corner. It sounds complicated, and it is even harder to do, so we recommend you don’t try it if you are a newbie.

Why Does Size Matter so Much?

Size is crucial for bodyboarding. If you get a board that is too big for you, it won’t be easy to push water and paddle into waves. You will have almost no control over it. On the other hand, if your plank is too small, it won’t support you as it should and will feel loose. You will have a hard time catching waves.

Do I Need to Buy Anything Else If I’m a Beginner?

If you want to feel more protected while in the water, you can purchase some additional things. For example, you can get a leash for your plank, so you never lose it or a scuba-diving suit. Also, if you’re in need of an extra level of protection for your first-time board boarding, you can get a life jacket because you will fall into the water a lot. Take a look at our life jacket reviews so you can buy a reliable one.

What is more, if you’re considering teaching your dog to surf on your bodyboard, you may also want to check our reviews on life jackets for dogs, too.

What is the difference between a Cheap and an Expensive Board?

There is always a reason why two of the same thing cost differently. It comes down to durability, performance, and strength. Cheaper products are usually made from poor quality materials and paint, or their shapes aren’t quite right. So, if you’re looking for a product just to give it a try, you can spare some bucks and get a cheaper option until you decide if this sport is right for you. However, keep in mind that with such a board, you may not achieve the desired results as fast as you wish.

Wrap up

We hope you enjoyed our bodyboards reviews and buying guides. Now, we must put an end to the post and congratulate you. You made it to the end of our post, and now you have the knowledge to choose the best bodyboards for you.

As you see, even something like beginners, bodyboard has a lot of things to consider before you make a purchase. That’s why we work so hard to help our readers learn more about specific products and make a conscious choice, which you won’t regret.

So, if you find our post helpful or have some ideas, please let us know in the comments below. We are grateful and appreciate all feedback.

This is all, folks! Come back soon for more marine product reviews, tips, and guides.

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