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TheMarineMag is the right place to explore the sea of options we have for your safe boat journeys or fishing trips. In our website, you will find detailed information about maintaining and upgrading your boat as well as keeping your crew safe. And there is one thing we want you to remember – our extensive guides and advice are aimed at everyone.  From novices to experienced sailors are more than welcome, so do not hesitate and scroll down to check what our experts have to say.

Boat Equipment and Accessories

While appearance might be a key factor for you, we know that getting the perfect boat equipment and accessories is a must. Starting from the products, you will choose to furnish the inside of your vessel like seats, carpets, and covers and finishing with the right detergents to use for their cleaning. We have all the advice here to help you pick the right item for your boat and personal taste.

boat equipmentAlso, as every boat needs proper upkeep, our team has dealt with the question of how essential bilge pumps and fenders are for the adequate exploitation of your watercraft. After all, comfort and security while sailing is our top priority. Moreover, we have a lot more to say about mooring and the needed equipment for that. You will find our experts’ hot tips and recommendations in this section’s extensive guides.

There is nothing better than smooth sailing in sunny weather, and this is because you do not need anything but your eyes and navigation skills. However, every sailor knows that the wrong steering device can ruin everything. That is why we have gathered the top-notch accessories for navigation – from electronic equipment to binoculars and many more.

We also know how important it is for you to get your boat in and out of the water. So, we have paid particular attention to the products every boat owner uses for their trailers. You will find more than enough information about how to upgrade your boat trailer on our website. Besides, we have not ignored the importance of trailer dollies. Here at TheMarineMag, we want you to be fully informed about all the available options for your boat’s accessories.

marine accessories


Boat Motors

Traveling on the water is an action that requires power, speed, and reliability. And when it comes to your boat, we know that all of the above conditions can be achieved if you only get your vessel a high-quality motor. However, you may find such power devices quite confusing since they come in different sizes, specifications, and need regular care. Moreover, boat motors manufacturers can promise you everything to buy their product.

outboard boat motors

And our team of boat experts is well aware of the possible troubles you may experience while looking for the perfect match for your boat. So, we have gathered everything you need to know in our boat motors section on our website.

Here at TheMarineMag, we will guide you step by step to get yourself the right motor for your vessel. There are a few things you need to know, of course, and we have not excluded them. And since we are talking about motors – do you know what battery you need to gear your boat motor?

Yes, we have touched on this issue, too. You can read a lot more about the different types of batteries and explore your options for your chosen vessel as well.

A dead battery is the last thing you will want when going fishing or just cruising. And that is the reason why you need to have one in the store.

Our experts have taken care of the information you need to avoid low boat batteries and what is more, how to find a quality charger. They are as much important as batteries themselves. And that is not all we have for you to help you establish a relaxing, safe, and comfortable atmosphere in your boat. Check out our buying guides in the boat motors section, and you will find more tips and advice to enhance your fishing experience.

Marine Audio

Marine Audio-1Ok, what is a ride without music to boost up your mood? Well, if you are like us, you will be ina search of the right sound systems for your boat. Fortunately, we did our homework, and our experts have compiled some excellent guides and reviews in our marine audio section. So, you do not need to look further, make sure to read below and see what we have for you.

Every audio system is intended to deliver clear sound and play different types of audio formats. Nowadays, things get even more demanding in terms of choice because you might be promised what you want to hear. But in reality, you may find out that you cannot listen to what you want. Most products come with Bluetooth, others with an option to play CDs. In any case, we have researched the topic and found what we know you would like to know.

Another key feature to complement your marine audio experience is the set of speakers. Some of you may prefer the loud and clear sound, and that will not be possible with low-quality speakers. Or, if you need to enjoy quiet and relaxing music, we know how important it is to rely on a long-lasting set of speakers. Our MarineMag experts have come to know the leading products in that sphere and hence, help you with your choice.

Furthermore, our guides can extend your choice in terms of having the ultimate sound. We have not forgotten to research the market about the best subwoofers and amplifiers. Having them installed in your boat will ensure a quality sound and will surely come up to the expectations of any music fan.

Finally, audio systems are a source of entertainment in the open sea and a way to keep in touch with land control as well. So, choosing the right VHF radio for your boat is a must, and since we know that, you will find every bit of advice and details on our website.

Life Jackets

Sailing or fishing, there is a piece of equipment that should always be at hand. Cruising with your boat means that the possibility of falling off your vessel does exist. And no matter how slight it may seem or how well-equipped in terms of technology and accessories your watercraft is, a life jacket for every crew member is vital.

Our team knows how important keeping the lives of your beloved ones is, and that is the reason why we have so many guides in this sensitive area. You should go to our life jackets section to explore what other options we have for protecting your crew.

Life jackets and PFDs take up a crucial part in our guides and reviews where you will also learning what the difference between them is.

family-wearing-life-jacketsWe have even thought about the youngest members of your crew- the children. This is the reason why you should not miss out our advice and recommendations about life jackets for infants as well as our professional suggestions for your toddlers. Your little ones will surely enjoy the bright colors while learning how to swim with a swim vest specially designed for their age.

Pets are also part of the family, and we have thought about this, too. But we have focused on dogs because many breeds love swimming. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check out our professional advice on the most suitable life jacket for your dog. And as weird as it may sound, your four-legged barking friends will genuinely appreciate it.

As we have spent so much time in preparing guides and tips for your crew’s safety, our team decided that this was getting too serious. For this reason, we have put in the picture something entertaining. You will surely be mad about our towable tube selection at least as much as we have been while researching the topic. Here at TheMarineMag, our experts did gather information, but we also did something more than that. You can be sure that we tested how it feels to ride the waves at high speed with an inflatable tube. And yes, we want you to experience the same because it is worthy.

So, dear boat lovers get ready for your marine adventures with our extensive guides and find the right units for your vessels in our product reviews. And bon voyage!!

Marine Wax

Your watercraft is probably one of the best things you have ever had. And we know how much care a boat needs, especially if it is used daily. Keeping its shine while protecting it from corrosion or oxidation might seem a difficult job, but we assure you that it is worthy. Moreover, your boat’s regular safekeeping will ensure longer life of its coat, more gloss, and protection from adverse weather conditions.

And here, at TheMarineMag, our experts have prepared the most practical information and tips you need to know about marine wax. What is more, you will find out why maintenance is vital for your vessel and whether waxing is really that hard. There are some simple steps to follow in order to polish your boat perfectly.

boat wax

As far as polishing is concerned, you may finally find out the difference between polishing and buffing. Some people think these two actions are precisely the same. However, in this section, our experts have something else to share with you.

You will find out if using the traditional grease can replace the more modern methods of glossing your boat’s finish as well.

Finally, if you want to wax your vessel, you need to be aware of how to do it. Applying a protective coat on your boat can be done even by unskilled boat owners. The only thing you should remember, though, is how to do it the right way. So, do not skip our experts’ comprehensive guide to get the ultimate and spotless shine on your watercraft.