Listening to Music While Boating? Yes, Please!

Boating is already an enjoyable experience, but you can make it even more fun. There are various ways to do it, and one of them is playing your tunes on board.

The upsides are many:

  • Your sailing experience can get annoying at one point – a little music is always an excellent remedy against boredom
  • Creates a feeling for enjoyment and coziness
  • There are no neighbors to bother

To achieve all of the above, you want to have an exceptional audio system on board. Such an accessory typically consists of a few audio components, and we will outline all of them. After all, TheMarineMag is here to deliver comprehensive and completely up-to-date info for your ultimate boating experience.

Start With the Basics

Your audio system needs top of the highest quality, so that means that the most critical part is getting a quality marine stereo. It will boost the performance of all other audio components of your system. Furthermore, good stereos typically come with a radio with better range. This means that while you are out there, you will be able to get more radio stations.

marine stereo

If you aren’t into radio, though, make sure the stereo supports the mp3 audio format. You don’t want to be stuck with just a CD player. That’s because mp3 tracks can be played through a USB flash drive which stores exponentially more info than a CD.

Move on to the Quality of Sound

marine speakersNo matter how good your stereo is, if the speakers are underwhelming, you will fail to enjoy any good music on your boat trip. This is where the most excellent marine speakers come into play. Make sure you become familiar with our article about how to obtain the top products in this class because otherwise, you might regret spending money on something not good enough.

Speakers can be mounted onto a dashboard or can be freestanding. In the name of space saving, usually, marine speakers are not very large in size. Many of them are also suitable for cars. So looking for car speakers can also yield excellent results.

Pay attention to the impedance of the speakers and not just the wattage. Loudness comes from the power, yes, but the endurance is all about the impedance. Just see our exclusive tips and be done with it.

The Beat

marine subwooferIf you are a fan of powerful beats, then you ought to go out there and purchase a high-end marine subwoofer. Yes, most audio systems have their own bass, but it can’t compare to actually purchasing a subwoofer separately.

This thing will give you a top quality low-frequency sound, which might make the whole boat vibrate. This addition is perfect for big yacht parties. If you are into family trips and have young kids, though, you want to opt for something with crispier sound and less gain.

Where Does the Power Come From?

None of the above would be even remotely possible if you don’t invest in a good marine amplifier. This is the heart and soul of any audio system. They also make them waterproof nowadays.

Thanks to an amplifier, you will be able actually to power those hungry speakers with some loudness. The best part is that most amplifiers also support a microphone or an electric musical instrument. You can have a real karaoke party on board with such products!

The Audio Device That Gives You Safety

VHF marine radioAnd finally, let’s think about actually communicating with the world while we are out on the water. Every boat captain is obligated to have a VHF marine radio on board. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. You can’t go out without them.

Some VHF radios are handheld and resemble a walkie-talkie. But don’t be fooled. Their range is impressive, and many of them work even in adverse weather conditions.

The more massive VHF radios are typically mounted to the dashboard of the vessel. There are many low-quality products out there, so you simply have to check what our crew has to say about VHF radios. You can’t make any compromises with them.