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10 Best Submersible Trailer Lights Reviews – (Buying Guide 2021)

On the off chance when you need to take anything somewhere on a trailer, you are going to need to attach it with individual lights, as clearly the back of your boat will be blocked. If you have a vessel on that trailer, it is almost certain that you will back it into the water, which implies that your lights must be submersible as well.

Because of this, you need to ensure that you’re getting the best submersible trailer lights and fortunately for you, we have made a buying guide so you can simply do that.

How to choose your lights? Where and how to put them on your trailer? And how to take good care of them?

All these questions are answered by our team. We have collected some interesting facts, some essential information and submersible trailer lights reviews, you may find useful.

Best Submersible Trailer Lights Comparison Chart

MaxxHaul All LED Submersible Trailer Light Kit

MaxxHaul All LED Submersible Trailer Light Kit

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 12 x 11.3 x 3.7″
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Specification: 23 ft long wiring harness / Wiring harness with UV coated jacket
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Wesbar Low Profile Taillight

Wesbar Low Profile Taillight

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 8 x 4.8 x 3″
  • Weight: 11.5 ounces
  • Specification: Meet FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirements / Safe to submerge
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MICTUNING Trailer Tail Lights Bar

MICTUNING Trailer Tail Lights Bar

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 2 x 1.2″
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Specification: IP 65 rating / DOT approved
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Wellmax Trailer Lights

Wellmax Trailer Lights

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 8” x 3” x 2¾”
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Specification: Stainless steel hardware / IP 65 rating
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ONLINE LED STORE Round LED Light Side Marker

ONLINE LED STORE Round LED Light Side Marker

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.9 x 4.4″
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Specification: 5-inch clear light / IP 67 rated
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  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 x 3.2″
  • Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Specification: IP 67 rated, totally waterproof
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Partsam Trailer Led Side Marker and Clearance Lights

Partsam Trailer Led Side Marker and Clearance Lights

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 101mm x 49mm x 23mm
  • Weight: N/A
  • Specification: Built-in reflex connector / Replaceable lens
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Best Submersible Trailer Lights (Updated List)

1. MaxxHaul All LED Submersible Trailer Light Kit

MaxxHaul All LED Submersible Trailer Light KitMaxxHaul is here with a great light kit that has everything you need for your boats, trailers or campers. It comes with 2 LED stop lights and 2 LED taillights that are incredibly bright and can be seen from a long distance.

The wiring is very durable and will certainly last longer compared to the traditional copper-coated ones since MaxxHaul has put into using new technology that will protect the housing from corrosion. The package includes 23 and 4-foot 4-pole color-coded wiring harness as well as a diagram clearly showing how to connect the cables, even if you are not a trailer lights’ pro. Yet, we recommend that you follow the schematic representation rather than read the manual because the instructions there are not that user-friendly.  Also, this kit is perfect for all types of weather conditions since the lights are made to last and you will definitely like how bright they are underwater.


  • Wiring harness with UV coated jacket
  • Suitable for trailers of up to 80 inches wide
  • 23 ft long wiring harness
  • Waterproof


  • The wiring and the trailer harness may start corroding
  • Side marker lights are with standard bulbs

2. Wesbar Low Profile Taillight

Wesbar Low Profile TaillightThis product will serve you well if your boat trailer is more than 80 inches wide. The Wesbar taillight can be used for multiple purposes depending on what you need to install on your trailer. The unit’s 7 functions will quickly help you with replacing your old taillight or turn signal light. You just have to remember, however, that this particular Wesbar product is intended for the right side so you will have to go on and buy the left side too.

Nevertheless, the bulb inside the capsule can be replaced wherever you need to do that. Also, the capsule is made in such a way as to protect the bulb inside from corrosion and thermal shock. As we have said that, there is no doubt then that this taillight will be perfect for submerging as everything is securely sealed and hence water cannot damage it. Another thing you might like is the fact that this item comes with 2 supply wires and a ring terminal ground.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Meet FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirements
  • Safe to submerge
  • For trailers over 80 inches in width


  • Not LED lights
  • Only for the right/curbside

3. MICTUNING Trailer Tail Lights Bar

MICTUNING Trailer Tail Lights BarThe MICTUNING light bar comes with a clear and durable PC cover to give you the ultimate brightness without glares. The design of this product will let you install it without any efforts as it comes with 5 colored wires for simple connection, 9.45-inch long wire leads and copper wires. And you will really like the construction of the unit because there is a tightly sealed strip which will protect the trailer light bar from filling with water.

Also, the strip will give your LED light bar protection against any kind of moisture like fogs or in heavy rain. Therefore, with such a product mounted on your boat trailer, you will no longer have to change the lights after each submerging. Also, this trailer tail lights bar comes with 13 LEDs, but you might need to get a 12V resistor as it is not included in the package.


  • 2 x 20 pieces LEDs
  • DC 10-30V
  • IP 65 rating
  • DOT approved


  • The turn signal light is hard to see in direct sunlight
  • No gasket between the lens and the mount can let water inside the light bar

4. Wellmax Trailer Lights

Wellmax Trailer LightsThe hardware material is what makes this product a quality one for your boat trailer. Wellmax’s trailer light’s kit is made of stainless steel which will be perfect for using it in salty water.

Moreover, the wires are copper, and hence you will get really durable trailer lights in terms of resistance to corrosion and rust. As for the lights themselves, they are 12 V and all LED which will definitely decrease the risk of you buying replacements when compared to the ordinary bulbs. In addition, the LEDs in this unit have really bright light and thanks to the acrylic lens, you will find out how reliable they are when submerged.

Overall, these trailer lights are surely going to pay off as they can not only connect to your existing wires without a problem but also serve as running, brake or turn signal and a side marker. And you can also install these trailer lights easily on your trailer as long as it is not more than 80 inches wide.


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • IP 65 rating
  • DOT compliant
  • 12V LED


  • Mounting bolts are held by plastic
  • Twist style wire nuts may be a problem when submerging

5. ONLINE LED STORE Round LED Light Side Marker

ONLINE LED STORE Round LED Light Side MarkerHere we have a product that has a round shape and comes with 13 high-powered LEDs. The ONLINE LED STORE’s light side markers are perfect for boat trailers and will ensure long-lasting bright light while you launch and pick up your boat. Besides, the product does not need any screw to mount it on your trailer because it comes with a rubber grommet to make the installation a piece of cake for you.

There is 8 x 2-pin 90° connector, and this unit works with 16V DC. But what you will really like is the fact that the product can be used not only as a reflected light but also as a clearance light. And since the wiring up is easy to be done, do not forget to remove the lights from the seal before installing the side markers. This way, the mounting will be a lot easier, and you will not have to dip the rubber sealing into hot water to make it more flexible.


  • 5-inch clear light
  • IP 67 rated
  • DOT compliant
  • 2-year warranty


  • You need 3-inch holes to mount it
  • The grommet might be hard to install


ONLINE LED STORE Round  LED LightONLINE LED STORE is again in our reviews with another quality product with a round shape, but this time smaller in size to fit all kinds of trailers ‘specifications and your preferences. You will get a 4 pack with 10 LEDs each and the chance to have the brightest lights on your trailer. With a 2-inch clearance, this product can be used both as a reflection and a side marker.

Also, due to the textured edges, the unit can cast light at a wider angle reaching the visibility of up to 180°. And this is not all – the rubber grommet will definitely make the installation a lot easier compared to other products that require hardware to be mounted. The 4 OLS LEDs are much brighter than any incandescent bulbs and come with a 2-prong connection. And one final advice, make sure to add some grease and then put the seal and push the light in.


  • IP 67 rated, totally waterproof
  • 2 –year warranty
  • Up to 180° visibility
  • T FMVSS-108 compliant


  • Not to be used as turn or brake signals
  • You need bigger holes than 2 inches to fit in

7. Partsam Trailer Led Side Marker and Clearance Lights

Partsam Trailer Led Side Marker and Clearance LightsThis product comes from Partsam, and it is specially designed for trailer camper boats. There are 7 ambers, and 7 red oval lights that you will get with this package and each light has 6 LEDs.

Moreover, you will certainly like that you can use them as side marker lights, clearance lamps, and identification lamps. And the best thing is that you can easily replace the lens if needed because they are made in such a practical way. Also, this kit works with 12 V and comes with 2 wire connections, and 6-inch wide which is really easy to hook up. Moreover, there is no need for you to look for a new reflex connector as this unit already comes with one.

However, the base is not very sturdy as it is made of plastic and the circuit boards are not that well-protected for submerging. This makes the product waterproof, but you will really need to be careful when using it underwater for more extended periods because there are no seals around the base.


  • DOT certified
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in reflex connector
  • Replaceable lens


  • No built-in reflector
  • No gasket included

8. Wesbar  Submersible Trailer Light

Wesbar  Submersible Trailer LightWesbar has another excellent product for your boat trailers, and this is the reason why you see it again in our reviews. This time, the trailer light that comes from this manufacturer is only one piece which means you will have to purchase another one to get the whole kit.

Nevertheless, the unit has a really bright light and is perfect for submerging. You will have to screw the item, but that does not mean it is difficult to be done. On the contrary, fixing the side marker and the primary marker has never been so easy. Also, the bulb replacement is also not a tough job, and you will like the pigtails included in the package to make the installation even more trouble-free.

As for the water-resistance quality of this unit, water does get inside, but it quickly drains out. Still, as a precaution, you may wish to unplug the trailer plug before submerging. And another piece of advice, since the product is not sealed, using this trailer light in freshwaters would be better.


  • Fully gasketed
  • 6-function lights
  • Waterproof
  • For trailers less than 80 inches wide


  • Need to buy 2 of these for your trailer
  • Not sealed

9. Optronics Red LED Combination Tail Light Kit

Optronics Red LED Combination Tail Light KitThe last product in our list is from Optronics and is specially designed to be used for marine trailers. It comes with 12 SMD LEDs and another one for the license plate. Also, the LEDs are guaranteed to have a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer which means that you will get a long-lasting quality product for your money. The package of this unit contains one passenger side and one driver sidelights, 25-feet harness and stainless steel hardware.

The wires are made of copper as well, but the installation and making these lights work on your trailer will be really easy for you, even if you are not a tech pro. What is more, this tail light kit has a tube technology to protect the product from water getting and staying inside. However, adding a silicone sealant around the tubing will give you a stress-free experience when launching and picking up your watercraft in any type of water.


  • SMD LEDs
  • Sealed waterproof construction
  • 25-feet harness
  • 4-prong flat connector


  • Need to cover the tubing with a sealant
  • LED side markers, not in the kit

10. CZC AUTO LED Submersible Trailer Tail Light Kit

CZC AUTO  LED Submersible Trailer Tail Light KitIf you are tired of installing additional features to make your lights work, then this CZC AUTO LED light kit might be just what you are looking for. It comes with a ground wire ring connection to bolt the unit effortlessly as well as a 25-feet wiring harness with 2-feet split Y-style color-coded harness to ease the installation.

Besides, the unit has to be bolted, and the package even includes mounting clips for the 18-gauge wire. As for the lights, let us just say that there are 16 LEDs in the right tail light and 19 LEDs on the left side including the 3 white LEDs for the license plate. And if you are wondering how this product will act underwater, we can only add that there are gaping holes so that the water can flow out. The lights are sealed from PCB as well.


  • 2 amber LED marker lights
  • 12 months warranty
  • For boat trailers under 80 inches wide
  • In compliance with DOT standards


  • Standard copper wiring harness may not be reliable
  • License plate bracket is made of plastic

What Are Trailer Lights

Best Submersible Trailer LightsBoat trailer lights are the lights you can find on the back of any trailer. Submersible lights must handle the conditions underwater, which means they should be waterproof and impervious to erosion also. All trailers require lights on them and on the off-chance that you’re taking off to the water, you have to ensure those lights are marine grade.

Benefits Of Using Trailer Lights

Trailer lights are a legitimate requirement as trailers hinder the line of sight to your vehicle’s lights so a driver behind you would have no idea what are you going to do. They are additionally valuable when you are backing up your vessel into the water. The reason you need marine-specific lights is because of the waterproofing and erosion resistance.


Trailer lights are a secondary part out of a plethora of marine supplies and tools, but they are still essential. Here we are going to show you some of the most critical features when you are looking for your perfect item.

  • Brightness – LED lights are your best option here if you aim at having top brightness levels. Their lifespan is pretty impressive too. A set of LED lights may last you 2 full years.
  • Corrosion resistance – Saltwater destroys anything. Trailer lights are no exception to this rule and this is why you want to have a product that will resist corrosion. Rust is also something to watch out for. The quickest way for your lights to be destroyed is because of the wire. The lights and bulbs themselves are typically made of glass and plastic. They will be fine. But the wire may be problematic and we recommend that you make sure it is corrosion-resistant.
  • Watertight – It would be irresponsible if you got trailer lights that are not waterproof. Splashes of water will occur and you want to be prepared. Accidents are also a possibility and sometimes trailers get submerged. You don’t want to change your whole electrical system of the trailer after a trip to the lake, right?


Submersible Trailer Light ReviewsInstallation of submersible trailer lights on your trailer is just as easy as installation of an anchor rope or chain Some people will advise you to leave the existing wiring if you only need to change a bulb. This is generally true but we will go back to our point about the wires being corrosion-resistant. If they aren’t – change the wires as well.

Once you are done changing lights and have sealed them back, you want to make sure that they are watertight again. This is why we recommend getting a mechanic to change them for you if you are not confident in your skills.


There is nothing difficult or complicated about maintaining your trailer lights. It is as simple as taking care of the portable fuel tank. See how you can obtain a great fuel tank by visiting our article on them. Here are some tips and some information about how you can fix some problems with trailer lights, that may help you.

  • The ground is the first segment of legitimately working trailer lights. Gleaming lights on the trailer is generally a ground issue. Mostly, a trailer wiring is grounded in one of two different ways; either from the truck using the trailer hitch and ball or through a devoted ground wire from the wiring harness.
  • Rinse the lights with water and mild soap. The dust on the surface of the lights is dangerous and sometimes can lead to overshadowing. The drivers behind you will not know what are you going to do.
  • Always check the wires and the cables, the trailer wiring diagrams will help you a lot.
  • If some of the connectors are broken, replace them.
  • Check all electrical connectors. If you have some doubts, call a technician.
  • Never leave wires dangling from your trailer. They can get on weeds and different objects and force-free. They can be tidied up effectively by utilizing a few zip ties. This is especially significant close to the lights themselves and around the tag. Check your connectors on the vehicle and trailer frequently for exposed or broken wires. Depending on the type of connector—round or flat—check both the male and female connections too. Clean up corrosion or dirt on links with lightweight oil.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips, based on all the information you have already read.

  • You definitely need some types of lights on your trailer.
  • The marine trailer lights have some features, which will secure you in the marine environment.
  • Cleaning the lights is essential for your safety.
  • Check the connections every time before going out.
  • Take proper care of the lights.

Wrap up

Well done, you guys, you have successfully finished our buying guide on finding the best submersible trailer lights. What exactly is this item? How to choose it properly? Should you buy one? Is it necessary? How to take care of the carpet? You have already got the answers to these essential questions. Having read our article and our additional information and tips, you now realize that finding a reliable product can be a bit hard.

If you find our guide useful, do not forget to forward it to your friends and family so they can check our information and the top submersible trailer light reviews. Thank you for reading! If you need additional information about other supplies for your boat, check our articles. There, you can find interesting information, tips and everything you need to make the right choice of what you need and how to take it. Do not forget the life-vest and enjoy your sailing!

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