Equip Your Boat

Marine equipmentWell, while we are still talking about comfort, we just can’t forget to mention the good old boat seats with and without armrest. There are so many types, models, and brands, that if you want to find a high-quality product, you will have to spend some time searching. You can always, of course, visit our buying guide and save the effort, as we at TheMarineMag have made reviews of the top products available on the market, and your only job will be to choose one.

The moment you get yourself a boat seat, you will have to start searching for a boat seat cleaner. This cleaner will keep your unit in perfect condition, and you will use your seat for many years to come.

Another thing you must think about, however, is how to keep the inside of your boat clean. Many boat owners decide to buy boat carpets. They are convenient, they look good, and they also keep your floor from scratching. Boat covers, on the other hand, will keep your whole boat safe. We know that some people find it useless to spend money on a cover, but you need to think about how important this product is for your vessel. A quality boat cover will keep your boat protected from the water, sun, and wind, that can actually do some severe damage over the years without even being noticed until it is too late to act.

Since we are talking about protection, you may want to consider getting yourself a bilge pump. Bilgewater may be a massive problem, so we would say that this is also an essential unit for your boat.

Boat fenders are the next necessary equipment that we must mention. This protection body will keep your boat safe while you maneuver, during mooring against sheet piling, or even during sailboat to boat contact. Whether round or long, white, blue, or green, boat fenders should be found on board of every vessel and should be considered a piece of essential boating equipment.

Not everyone finds mooring easy. It could be an irritating task, especially if you do not have a good boat anchor, and, of course, a high-quality anchor rope. Make sure that while you spend plenty of time considering what the most reliable boat anchor is, you don’t forget to think about the rope that comes with it. The anchor rope is an essential product that will keep your boat, you, and the other boat owners safe.

Always Know Where You Are

marine GPS chartplotterGetting lost in the sea is really dangerous, and for this reason, you need to make sure that you always know where you are. What better way to do that than using a marine GPS chartplotter. This marine device integrates GPS data with an electronic navigational chart (ENC), guarantying that you will always know where you are. A pair of good marine binoculars, on the other hand, will help you see everything that is happening around you. This way, you will be able to navigate your boat better, and you could also do some bird or fish watching if you have some free time.

Anything can happen in the open waters, and that’s why you must be prepared for every situation. Having a portable marine fuel tank for small boats may turn out to be a lifesaver. Even if you own a larger vessel with a built-in fuel tank under the deck, we would recommend that you get a portable fuel tank just in case.

Something else that will surely be useful in a situation where you don’t know where you are, or your boat batteries need recharging (in the worst case scenario both) are marine solar panels. These devices harness energy from the sun and use this energy to power your vessel in a variety of ways. One of the most common uses of marine solar panels is, just like we said, for recharging the boat’s batteries. It is never a bad idea to own these units on your vessel as a backup.

We will Help You Organize the Greatest Boat Parties

We have all been to a disco party, and everyone knows that the most important things for a party are the music and the company you are with. However, you should not leave behind that good lightning. All those colorful lights that make the environment so cool and ensure that everyone is having a great time are something you can have on your boat as well.boat grill

Underwater boat lights will not only make your vessel look excellent, but will also lift the mood of everyone that is at your party. And, if parties are not your cup of tea, you should know that this is not even the primary purpose of these lights. Underwater boat lights will help you see exactly where you are and what is happening around you, so they are beneficial when it comes to safety as well.

Big bright lights are not something you can go without on your boat, though. All other lighting options that we mentioned are fine, but they will not brighten up the whole area around you. For that to happen, you want to pick a top-class marine LED bar. We will let you know more about them in our guide.

Also, in case you want to feel like a real captain, we recommend looking at our extensive reviews of the most trusted boat spotlights. Their function is indispensable, and you will significantly benefit from having such a unit on board.

On the other hand, we believe that everyone enjoys a small gathering with friends, so let’s continue with the party theme. What is a party without food? The answer is simply – nothing! However, when on a boat, the list of things you can have for dinner is not that long, unless you have heard of pontoon and boat grills.

Let’s Think About Trailering as Well

trailer tireAs much as we love parties, there are some more difficult, some might even say annoying, jobs to do. Trailering is one of them. Every boat owner knows that the trailer is as important as the vessel. For this reason, you need to ensure that it is equipped with the most reliable units.

Let’s start with the boat trailer tires. There are a lot of brands, types, and models available on the market that if you have to look at each unit, you will surely get a headache. That’s why our team has created the ultimate buying guide, full of vital information, and more importantly, reviews of the top products you could find.

When reversing your boat in the ocean, you need to show those behind you what you are doing and doing that you need some high-quality submersible trailer lights. Since in some cases they will be placed in saltwater, you need to make sure they are incredibly durable.

Another trailer unit, created for your convenience is the transom saver. Many people argue if this device is actually needed. However, our team believes that it is indeed useful, as it is designed to protect your boat’s transom from undue stress while trailering. There is a great deal of impact on the transom while traveling, especially on the highway, and a good transom saver is far more effective at preventing stress at the transom and the engine bracket that using the ’tilt/lock’ feature that many outboard motors have.

When it’s time to move or store your trailer, you see how heavy and hard to navigate it is. That’s why you must consider getting yourself a boat trailer dolly. This simple device will make your life so much easier, allowing you to move your trailer at tight places without any excessive strength.

Marine Equipment

As a person that takes most of their hobbies at sea, you probably know that your success and comfort lie in the fact that you bought the correct gear. Not only should the right equipment keep you safe, but it should also ensure the longevity of your boat.

Loading or Unloading – the Right Supportive Gear

Not everyone has the luxury of owning or home on a beach or a spot at a port – which means that they will have to bring their boat back and forth on a trailer at all times. That being said, you also need to keep in mind that a boat cannot be easily lifted on a trailer without some gear; you need to buy the right tools to get it up there.

First things first, you need to get a boat trailer winch that is actually able to pull the entire weight of your boat. Bear in mind that you should get a winch that can withstand not only the weight of your boat but also the weight of the items that you might have on your boat. With that said, you should also get a boat trailer jack to ensure that your boat stays secure on the trailer.

The Open Waters Gear

When you are at sea, you might need to invest in some extra gear that could come in handy. For example, if you are planning to go on more remote areas, you might want to invest in some small boat steering systems or a GPS boat speedometer. This way, you should have a better idea of your location.

That being said, if you are planning to be on waters for a prolonged time, you might also want to get one or more boat coolers. This will ensure that your food and drinks stay fresh.